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The rate at which technology innovation is evolving has increased significantly in recent years, and is now driving organisation change to new ways of working.

Strategy operates at the intersection of business and technology. Because technology is transforming every organisation, you need technology-enabled strategy to take advantage of the emerging eCulture opportunities.

Whether it's business strategy, technology strategy or operations strategy, driving value, shaping new business capability and design operating models for the future.

eCulture works with our clients on:

In the eCulture approach, strategy implementation is de-risked through a combination of education and listening, through early engagement of managers, and by securing their support and importantly ownership, for the translation of the strategy down to the functional areas of the business and into the practical and tactical components of peoples jobs.

The reason many strategies don’t deliver results is the failure to change behaviours. With eCulture winning strategies are designed for and with the front line, and are understood throughout the organisation, not just in the board room.

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Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy

Rudy Giuliani

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