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Identity and Access Management

Organisations without a reliable and effective approach to identity and access management are effectively undermining all other data protection efforts.

Staff can only self regulate collaboration and information sharing with colleagues they know, audit become costly and difficult because identities across systems are not consistent, validating access rights is challenged by difficulties in confirming staff roles and functions, these are fundamental issues that can be easily resolved.

Critically, without the aid of identity and access management technology, valuable technical resources get bogged down undertaking basic administration activities on user accounts changes, when they are needed to focus on improving business effectiveness and efficiency the better use of technology investments.

Identity and Access Management Challenges

Qualifying identity and access assurance requirements and matching these consequently to off the shelf solutions can in itself prove to be a challenge.

Sourcing information - Human resource for most organisations is not the definitive source of staff identity data, subsequently data assimilation and ad-hoc data capture methods are key requirements to be addressed in any solution implemented.

Workforce complexity - A considerable proportion of staff have multiple roles and functions that consequently involve them working across a range of systems and organisation boundaries.

Identity workflow’s - There are a complex variety of systems administration points to be supported with a robust, reliable and timely change management process.

Variability - Variation in the information asset management and owner administration methods and processes requires a solution capable of being tailored to fit.

and Thinking of Outsourcing?

Identity and Access Management is a business critical consideration for adoption of outsource or managed service arrangements for back office and / or cloud technology service functions.

Outsource managed service and cloud technology providers can only provide services and solutions to facilitate the process of robust identity and access management, they cannot take on data protection responsibilities.

Subsequently organisations need to ensure that they can continue to meet data protection and information governance obligations that cannot be transferred out.

A business orientated approach in service design and contracting is required to address the complexity of overlapping responsibilities and service management requirements of a outsource / managed service business model.

Not forgeting.....

That in the concept of integration service delivery between local authorities, health and third party service providers the complexities and challenges increase.

eCulture Solutions

With a blend of expert knowledge eCulture works with clients to resolve these challenges, and help organisations secure fast, practical, efficient and cost effective solutions.

To ensure delivery of benefits that extend well beyond that of increased information governance capability, to include operational cost savings and efficiency gains, delivered by improved staff and team collaborations, with operational analytics delivering better measures of service performance.

Critically, acknowledging that service user engagement through online / digital services are set to increase, as is outsourcing of technical and management services infrastructures.

eCulture ensure that it’s clients have the right tools and capability to provide the right levels of assurance needed to securing the business benefits to be gained from transition to more effective and efficient service models.

Identity management is key to ensure trust [privacy and security], as well as to facilitate collaboration and improve

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