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Design Authority

The challenge for most organisations is that very few people have the experience and breadth of technical knowledge to understand in detail all the systems within a solution and their individual working parameters and requirements.

When this is coupled with the business drivers for service transformation and / or cross organisational service re-design, the challenges increase as new technologies become introduced, often with a requirement to integrate / inter-operate with legacy systems.

eCulture design authority service is a complimentary service function to that of business analysis, and a supporting delivery programme function, but with a focus on systems and data integration / interoperability requirements, addressing specifically:

Systems Architecture analysis bridging existing operational systems with requirements of new functionality and features required, addressing;

Towers of service specifications addressing requirements of systems hosted in different locations (i.e. locally hosted and cloud ‘as a service’ hosted architectures) and managed under different contract terms of service;

Contract terms of service between end users and systems management / support incorporating service flow to 2nd / 3rd line data systems and service provision.

A discrete Design Authority function, working in conjunction with project teams, is a well-proven way to be confident that you will get what you set out to achieve. The Design Authority function takes an end-to-end view of the design and, using a business focused perspective, ensures that the program will deliver business value.

Technical skill is mastery of complexity, while creativity is mastery of simplicity

Christopher Zeeman

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