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eCulture - a term used to categorise the social evolution and transformation course society is pursuing, to a digitally orientated way of life

Paul White (aka) eCulture

An original thinker, Paul is highly observant and approaches his role with single-minded focus. He is conceptual, tenacious and realistic. He seeks purpose and meaning from most working situations. He typically does not take constructive criticism and disagreement personally.

He works to see ideas and systems translated into realities. He has stability, competence and intellectual insight. His perception of the world is a conceptual and abstract one, but one with endless possibilities.

Paul has a gift for seeing the important facts of a situation. Paul conveys great precision and economy of effort in both thought and language. Whilst independent by nature, he is prepared to labour tirelessly for a team mission.

A great “designer” of systems, he is persevering, with a singleness of purpose that he devotes to long term achievement of the mind. He is an ideal academic who continually seeks knowledge for its own sake.

from Paul's "Insights Discovery Profile"

Experience and Skills

With a 25 year plus career in information technology across the complete spectrum of solutions design, development and delivery with the accumulation of an extensive range of skills and expertise:

Paul White - eCulture Founder and Management Consultant

Paul holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool and has held Membership with the British Computer Society for more than 15 years. Married he has two children, a grandchild and an endless supply of positivity and energy!

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